The Month of Sivan
Seasons of the Moon The first two astrological signs are both represented by animals: Taleh (Aries) the Lamb, and Shor (Taurus) the Bull. It is only with this month's sign - Te'omim (Gemini), the Twins - that we find a sign that is represented by Man.

The Torah was given this month on the sixth of Sivan - under the first human sign, Te'omim - to indicate that only after the giving of the Torah can Man achieve his full potential, to be raised above the level of the animals.

When the Jewish People camped at the foot of Sinai in preparation to receive the Torah they achieved a harmony and unity that was unparalleled before or since. Israel was united in heart and mind like a single person. Only in this state of being One could they receive the Torah that is One. For the Torah is the mind of The Creator Who is One. The symbol of the Twins is an expression of 'one-ness'; of different people, physically separate, but joined in a spiritual kinship.

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