The Month of Shevat
Seasons of the Moon The sign of the Jewish People is Aquarius the Pitcher. Just as the purpose of a pitcher is to be a vessel to carry water, so the purpose of the Jewish People is to be the "Water Carrier" - the vessel of the living waters of the Torah.

Just as a person cannot live without water, so too the Jewish People cannot survive without the Torah. When we look at our history, it is clear that what has kept us a nation during 2,000 years of Diaspora has been our devotion to the Torah. And just as water always finds the lowest place, also the Torah can only be absorbed by someone who is truly humble.

The Talmud, however, tells us that "Yisrael has no sign." If so how can Aquarius be the sign of the Jewish People?

Everything that happens in this physical world is initiated in the highest realms and then given over by the Creator to the stars to transmit to this world. Every person and every nation comes under the sway of this influence. However, at any time and in any way, God can choose to override this system.

When we align ourselves with the Will of the Creator by keeping His Torah, we elevate ourselves above the natural chain of command that the stars transmit. We are on a direct line to "The Boss". However, if we ignore the Boss' instructions, then He, as it were, doesn't pick up His direct line, and we have to go through the switchboard like everybody else.

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