The Month of Cheshvan
Seasons of the Moon Akrav is a water sign. Cheshvan is the time of year when rain is plentiful in Israel.

The connection to water is also clear in this month's association with the Great Flood, when water destroyed the earth. For this reason, the month of Cheshvan, is also called MarCheshvan, or 'bitter' Cheshvan.

Another reason for the 'bitterness' of Cheshvan is that Cheshvan has no Yom Tov, no festival of its own. There should have been a festival to inaugurate the First Temple, which Shlomo Hamelech (King Solomon) completed during Cheshvan, after seven years building. However, God did not command its inauguration until the following Tishrei - twelve months later. But Cheshvan will eventually lose its bitterness, because it is in the month of Cheshvan that the third, and final, Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple) will be inaugurated.

In a way, Cheshvan is a parable for the whole history of the Jewish People. When we look at our history, it seems fraught with bitterness, rejection and hardship. But in the end, the bitter bite of the scorpion will be transformed to the greatest sweetness, when all the nations will come to realize who the Jewish People are and who they have always been.

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